Friday, March 18, 2011

I am letting Go

The sun was shining in Rochester New York! The Beyers twins and I headed to one of our favorite "old school" playgrounds made of wood with tunnels and tire swings. Blond curls and blond pony tails blowing in the breeze and reflecting sunlight; what a beautiful sight. My children captivate me. I put William in his sepcial tomato chair in the jogging stroller and pushed him to a sunny spot. Normally playgrounds and too many children make me tense. Most do not offer much for William to do; and he is too heavy to carry around. So usually I push him in the jogger and we chase Ella yet the whole time I end up feeling stressed and guilty that he is not able to do what the handfuls of other children are doing around him. Today I let go of the guilt and the stress; do you want to know why??
I opened my eyes and saw how truly happy William was just to be in the sunshine; to hear the children laughing all around him. He was smiling and cooing and I don't think he gives a damn whether or not he is doing exactly what the other children are. It has been MY sadness and MY burden that he is not "typical".... but really it's all about quality of life. Both his quality of life and mine; life is far too short....

So I am letting go of these feelings I carry around like lead weights; like I have to be A Super Mom. Sometimes mothers of children with severe disabilities can be viewed or projected as martyrs; chosen because God gives us strentgh or because we can somehow handle these challenges. Well, for me its simply NOT true. I don't have any God given strength or visions... I push on day by day; through depression and fear. I am letting go... of all those expectations; my own and those I feel from others. I am done with them. I want my life back. To face challenges with courage yet to smile, enjoy sunshine without guilt, and to feel ALIVE.

and for my closing more thing I am letting go of...

this unrealistic (for William) and godforsaken (my feelings ;-)) Ketogenic diet..... William and I will not miss it one bit

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A place of much needed quiet and solitude: The Woods

So grateful to the special lady in this picture; my Grandmother!! She and my Grandfather moved to the "country" in the 60's. They purchased acres of farm land; beautiful fields and woodland. They knew how to work hard and play hard! My Grandparents built a beautiful home for their five children and a spacious barn. My Grandpa was the Master of the Hounds. I can remember the hounds all barking and riding my favorite horse; Alamo. They also planted dozens of beautiful evergreens; which I LOVE..... When I was twelve my parents built a house across the woods from them; it was magical :-) Literally " over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go"...... and since then; the Woods have become like home.....