Sunday, August 29, 2010

Adirondack Pictures 2010

My Three Main Mugs

I have so much on my mind of late. So many to do's, deadlines, registrations, and evaluations. Doctors appointments; pediatrician (to vaccinate or to not vaccinate), genetics (more blood draws), neurology (sleep study? Ketogenic diet or try a fourth seizure medicine?). So much to do, to decide, to discover and yet my thoughts dwell on people and relationships . People I love (I couldn't do this journey without you)..... people I hate... yes, a convicted sex predator was found riding his bike through a local park. SAY WHAT? A man convicted of abusing several children was let out of jail? Unbelievable. Good thing some fellow citizen watches America's Most Wanted. Anyway, I am often thinking of how I could be a better friend, a more loving wife, a better daughter, and a good mother. Life is an intricately woven (sometimes tangled) web of relationships. Which is what I live for... but today I need a break. A breath of air... a swig of coffee... a notebook... silence... alone. Just a brief slice of time where there is no expectations of me from anyone.
So today I'd rather type out a random little blurb about trusty inanimate objects that I have placed sentimental value on; silly really but true all the same. Meet my mugs... ;-p

My three trusty gals lined up (l-r).... my Grandfathers old mug for camping; it fits into the curve of my palm just right. In the center is the Kokopelli mug that feels rough and earthy; a gift from my mom when we visited Estes Park Colorado (a well traveled mug). Finally a hand-crafted mug found at an artist fair when Wayne was pursuing graduate work in Athens, Ohio. This mug has weight; surely I could knock someone out with its heftiness. Before moving back to Rochester; Wayne and I hunted around for some treasures that would always remind us of the unique college town of Athens where we spent our first two years of marriage. We found a few framed pictures of the Athens University and scenic Appalachia; the pictured mug, and a single glazed star patterned brick from a run down brick factory. The search for the prized brick incidentally ended with horrible poison ivy all over my body and eventually a steroid shot in the.... ahem.....bum... given by a very handsome male doctor. The brick now sits on our back porch and Wayne will never let me live that one down.
So now you've met my mugs and heard a random tale from my past. Tomorrow I must form the "to do" list and schedule some appointments. As for people..... I need to make my kiddos lunch; perhaps today calls for a picnic in the sunshine and some more coffee. Which mug should I choose? :-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where Are those Curls? and so much more.......

William looking deliciously handsome with a full head of curls....
Where are the curls now? Yes, mommy went a little overboard with the cutting... but he looks so mature with the big boy haircut. Now at 37 lbs he certainly is a big and healthy boy. William has had a few colds this summer but has been pretty healthy! Seizure control has been the largest health challenge; as I just put a call into Neurology yesterday and once again we are increasing his medications :-(
Ella and daddy triumphant after a successful potty run....
My big three year olds and I.... the twins turned 3 on August 3rd after having a wonderful party with many friends and family. We are closing the summer with another trip to the Adirondack mountains. Friends of my parents own a townhouse in Lake Placid and give us a fantastic rate.
The Beyers family will be kicking off the Fall season with Ella starting preschool two days a week and William entering the 3-5 system but receiving all home based services. Once a week William and Ella will be going to a play group together and William will hopefully be taking some water therapy classes. I am also pretty sure William will get music therapy in the home as well!! We live in such a fantastic area rich with resources for children with special needs. Which brings me to our fundraiser for a group we are part of called Flower City Down Syndrome Network (FCDSN). Every Fall the group holds an event called the Buddy Walk to raise awareness for people with Down Syndrome and to raise funds that the group relies on. Our family joined this group a few months ago and this will be our first Buddy Walk. To sponsor us and help by making a donation go to this link ;
Even a small donation will not only benefit our family but many other families in the Rochester area.
Mommy is trying to kick off the Fall with some new experiences as well. I applied for a contest which is giving away scholarships for an online writing class especially for mothers. I am keeping my fingers crossed :-) I enjoy writing but would love some guidance. One year ago this September my friend Jamie and I started a support group for mom's that have children with multiple special needs and/or are medically fragile. The group just changed its name to MEMO- Meeting Extraordinary Moms Out (thanks to Carleen!!!!). As the name suggests we meet out once a month for dessert, information sharing, and support. Ten women came out last month; two of which were new! Our group will also be featured in a local free publication called Rochester area and Genesee Valley Parent for their annual September special needs issue.
So exciting!!!!

Adirondack pictures will be coming soon :-) Happy August!