Friday, May 21, 2010

A month in Pictures

William in his gait trainer... this was taken a few months ago.. he has had a rough patch but is now getting back into it.
Sleeping beauty.... in mommy and daddy's bed; a habit we need to break...
Very serious about drumming... Benny Greb style
Daddy and Ella having lunch with Grandma and Grandpa after her concert....
My handsome William
" Mommy I am hungry; just feed me already"
Ella sings on stage with her class.... she is in the pink dress with boots (her idea)!!

William in his sweet ride .... snoozing...
My loves together....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This evening I was bent over my garden planting the first batch of Annuals; bare knees plunged into the soil. William was propped up in his gait trainer.....legs dangling and head bowed. Gentle warm drops of rain began to fall on us. As I tilted my head back to catch a drop I noticed my son doing the same; letting the rain trickle to his chin. He smiled and something in me sparked; I was transported....
nights in college, breaking from studying and walking in the rain. Alone or with someone but always feeling so fresh, alert, and invigorated.
and now...... I sometimes feel that I am trapped on auto pilot; have I become comfortably numb? Although I love being a mother and watching my children grow and experience new things.........I need to feel alive and to see the beauty I used to see. I have become so busy, so sleep deprived, so worried, so so so so so ... that I sometimes fail to enjoy the simple things in life. To plant flowers in the rain and feel
more than just...
to survive
but to truly