Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall 2012 Update

I seem to be having a very difficult time keeping up with this blog. Each time I sit down to reflect I either struggle with writing coherent paragraphs or end up being distracted by kids/dogs/cat. It is much easier to post some cute pictures from our Summer and Fall adventures.
I really should pick up from my last post which was in April. My mom hosted a fund raiser for William in May to raise money for a wheelchair van and home renovations. It was a great success and we are so thankful for all the family and friends that helped and donated! We put all the money raised in a special bank account and are finally making use of it! This week or next we will begin a small home addition that will include a no threshold entrance, a handicap accessible bathroom for William, and his own bedroom that will fit a hospital bed and other equipment. Such thrilling changes coming our way! We are still making progress with getting the van with a lift for William's wheelchair as well. The addition is taking first priority at the moment and then we will purchase the van. My old car has a little more life in it... but by April we will need a bigger vehicle anyway. If you haven't kept up with our family on facebook our latest big news is that we are expecting Beyers baby 3 in late April :-) We will discover the gender of our baby in the making in just a few weeks. Ella is hoping for a sister of course but I suspect it is a boy! Either way we are praying for a healthy baby.
                      In June William had a mickey button g-tube placed into his stomach for liquids and occasionally meals when he is ill. It was a difficult decision for Wayne and I to make but we have absolutely no regrets now. He recovered from the placement surgery quickly and has really benefited from the tube. While we use the tube daily for his hydration needs we are also grateful that he maintains the ability (and enjoys) eating by mouth!
                      July and August were fun filled summer months for our family. We took our annual trip to Lake placid in the Adirondack mountains.  Grandma also treated the kids and I to a great wolf lodge Canada trip on my birthday. Ella still talks about the lodge and the howling wolves :-) In September both my big kids became kindergartners! William attends a great school for children with more complex medical needs. He started taking the bus in his wheelchair and attends full day. It was a big adjustment for both William and I but has been wonderful.  Ella goes to our local half day k program. I try to get in and volunteer often since Ella has had a slightly difficult time adjusting. Her teacher is wonderful though- very sensitive to the needs of more reserved/quiet children! Ella loves riding the bus and going to the specials- especially gym. She still receives speech therapy after school; so I pick her up on those days. We get some quality mother/daughter time for lunch and early afternoon activities while Will is still in school. We recently joined a girl scout troop; Ella joined and I am co-leading. I love the girl-power values that the girl scout program promotes and hope it will boost Ella's self-confidence. So far she has been super excited that mommy is a leader ;)

                  For the most part William has been doing well health wise this Fall. He has been exposed to many "back to school" colds and fought most of them off at home with rest, snuggles, and neb treatments. Although a handful of times since last winter his body has really had to battle to get rid of illness.  Just this week we experienced one of those times; his body temp fell to 91.5 and his heart rate and respirations were low as well. His home care nurse and pediatrician were alarmed and sent us to the emergency department. Luckily he did not need oxygen- just some warm IV fluids and warming via Bair hugger at the hospital. After a day in the ED his temp climbed back up to his more normal 95/96. His blood work and chest x-ray came back clear.... no pnuemonia, RSV, or flu.  It is scary to think that his body started to shut down to some degree due to just a common cold but we are thankful for the doctors and nurses at our local children's hospital and that he made such a quick recovery! He may have recovered at home and ideally we would like to avoid the hospital as much as possible this winter especially with me being pregnant but it was scary to watch him become so cold and lethargic!
                       On a final note our family is excited for the upcoming Holidays and special traditions. One of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions is making gingerbread people with Grandma....yum! We also look forward to our annual Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra outing with my father and siblings. This year the RPO pops concert will be on Wayne and my 9th wedding anniversary- December 20th! We love to enjoy good food and family this time of year... there really is so much to be thankful for!! Happy Holidays fellow bloggers :-) Take care and stay warm, xo Erin