Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year

The first photo of 2010- Ella with her frosty.....
The twins and I were very happy to spend lots of time with Aunt Ame who was visiting from Colorado..........
William practices in his new gait trainer called the Pony!!!

It's back to our "everyday life" now that the Holiday season is over and the last of the visiting relatives have left town. It was wonderful to see my sister and cousin visiting from out of town and to spend time with family. Already I miss them. Yet I feel a sense of calm now that the Holidays are over and I am actually eager to settle back into our normal routine. I am content to be alone for a few hours a day. In fact I am that type of person who needs my alone time; for reflection and quiet. I need alone time just as much as I enjoy being with people. Its all about balance which of course is much harder while raising children :-)
The past few months have been difficult for me emotionally for various reasons. Wayne and I took a much needed break in late December to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. The twins stayed with their fantastic Grandma!! (Thank you Mom ! ) During that trip I was able to sort of recollect myself and have some alone time in the beautiful Adirondack mountains. Uninterrupted alone time with Wayne was also very nice. We did some skiing and ate lots of hot meals in cozy pubs. My favorite pub, in lake placid, had beautiful stained glass windows and a huge cobblestone fireplace. I could have stayed there for hours warming by the fire and drinking Ubu, lake placids very own rich and tasty beer.
When Wayne and I returned home Christmas was upon us and William was sick. We had to take him to the emergency room the day after Christmas for illness and alarming seizures. As always it was scary and stressful going to the ED but everything turned out alright. So needless to say it has taken me another week or so to get back to "normal". William is doing well but seems to be fighting off yet another cold.
So as for making New Years resolutions; I am determined to be stronger emotionally and physically. I have started a workout plan to build muscle and keep myself strong to lift William and hopefully getting into better shape will also help with emotional well being. Hopefully....

Cheers to a happy and healthy new year my fellow bloggers :-) Be strong.


  1. My New Year's resolution sounds about the same. This past year has been a whirlwind for us also but like you my husband and I got some much needed alone time. I love my children but I so needed it. Now here we go into a new year and I hope it's better than last. Thinking of you guys and wishing the same. Happy New Year!

  2. I hope this New Year brings you peace and happiness! Love the gait trainer.

    I won't be at this months get together but I hope to see you soon!

  3. I love the New Year. It just feels like a fresh start:) Plus, I like 2010, it just sounds much better than 2009 so maybe it will be!!
    Sending you lots of love. Hope we can chat soon...or even better chat so the babies can see each other!