Saturday, June 12, 2010

Floating in the Sunlight

Eventually Wayne and I would like to sell our house and move into something slightly more spacious with wide open spaces; preferably a no threshold ranch for William's wheelchair and other heavy equipment. So I made a deal with Wayne that I would "disappear" with the kids almost every weekend this summer so he can do all the repairs our home needs in order to sell it. It needs a lot of work; and I need places to bring the kids. Which is why I am at my parents house waiting for my afternoon coffee to brew and listening to my dad's itunes. I really can't complain about being a wanderer on the weekends; Wayne works very hard at work and at home and I have had a wonderful afternoon with the twins.
At my parents I filled the oversized inflatable kid pool with nice warm water. While Ella was napping William and I submerged ourselves and watched the sunlight filter through the tree branches above our heads in perfect silence. It must have felt so good for Will to be weightless while floating.... good to loosen his tight joints and muscles. He even let me float him around in circles with minimal support under his head. It really was a beautiful moment; one that I want to remember. Floating in the sparkling water feeling the slight breeze and warmth of the sun; just listening to my son coo and watching rare smiles flit across his face.
Life can be hectic; I worry about money; my kids, my marriage; and some nights I can't sleep. Yet... these beautifully simple moments shared with those that I love make life that much more rich and enjoyable. My life is good but sometimes I need to let go of the stress and just float for awhile...........


  1. oh perfect post Erin. sounds like a rare but truly peaceful time!!!

  2. Erin, I am so happy for you. How wonderfully peaceful and warm. Glad you were able to enjoy the moment and soak up a blessed time with William.

  3. Don't we all don't we all....thanks for posting...what a perfect day