Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cheers for Me; Thoughts on Willie

I recently had some personal good news; the lump, duct, and other tissue from my biopsy came back benign! Great news and such a relief!! During my last appointment with the surgeon he said the incision looks good but the entire area (especially deeper tissue) will take up to a full year to heal completely. Even my follow up mammogram was pushed back until a years time!! The fact that I am constantly lifting my 40 pound son certainly is not helping the healing process but serves as a reminder that I need to stay physically strong.
Speaking of my big boy; he has been very sick these past few days. Thoughts and prayers are much needed. The whole family has been fighting a very bad cold but the difference with William is that instead of blowing out/ or coughing up mucus he vomits. I mean Vomits with a capital V.... he has not kept down any food or liquids for two days now. The main concerns for a child with William's lack of mobility and core strength are aspirating on the vomit and dehydration. It is very hard for me as a mother to watch him vomit so forcefully and not eat. The poor boy is so wiped out that he sleeps most of the time he is not vomiting. I have stopped trying to get full Keto meals into him... just applesauce, whipped cream, and liquids. Feeding is slow going and nerve wrecking. He has remained in Ketosis though and has had very few seizures.
I find during these times that I am high strung with nervous energy. Everyone senses my mood and reacts.... even the dogs are acting out. So I try to watch clips of movies that soothe me or listen to relaxing music; anything to tame the mommy beast. I mean I can't have Ella looking back on her childhood and thinking she had a mother who was a raving lunatic.....


  1. so sorry he is still sick, have you had to take him in to the doctor? Hard keeping him hydrated probably, can you even give him things like pedialyte on his diet? Probably not? Don't try to hide your lunacy from your girlfriends....we all have our secret crazy side!... lizzy :)

  2. Ella is going to look back on her childhood and think she had super woman for a mother! The amount of love you pour into those two will totally overwhelm the crazy. :)

  3. You make being a lunatic sound like a bad thing??

    Seriously though, my Mom was a bit of a lunatic and I still love her:)