Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Until We have our boats.....

Today someone very special is on my mind; as April is her birth month. My cousin Christy was born three months before me; was my first playmate and still is my closest friend. Many of my early childhood memories iclude Christy; playing at our Grandma's "farm", camp circle C, summers spent swimming in her pool, sleepovers.... years of time spent together. Christy and her family moved to Coronado, California when we were 15. She then became my bleach blond, water polo playing, California Cousin. It was always an adventure and sometimes a retreat (after a broken engagement) going to visit her on the west coast. She was/is more outgoing then myself, a little more wild ( ;-p !), and a lot more athletic..... so we never had a dull moment in CA. Driving along the scenic coast, sunbathing on beautiful beaches, partying in L.A., locking the keys in our car in Compton (LOL), night clubs on Las Feliz blvd, camping in the mountains, concerts in the sun, my crush on the Star of India, Christy always leaving her house without shoes ;-) Losing my flip flops at a concert and leaving with a broken toe; enough said ..... so many lasting memories.
Now we are both mothers; Christy has three boys and lives in Iowa while her husband is in medical school. Since becoming mothers (within nine months of each other) we have reconnected and talk on the phone nearly every day. We have supported each other through some difficult times; holding nothing back. This kind of friendship is rare and very special; so I thank you Christy for being you..... for our friendship that is nearly 32 years in the making!!! Especially thank you for helping me to dream again after some trying times when I seemed to stop. Cheers to our dreams big and small... to retiring on our boats; docked next to each true minimalist style and with sails raised for adventures......
I can't imagine life without you; the past, present or the future.... Love to you... always my " California Cousin"


  1. I can't believe you blogged for my birthday! Since I am super behind on blogging I will just give you a well deserved shout out:) You are my first call, whether a random question, or just to share my crazy, I know you will be there for me. I am challenged by your strength and compassion. I am looking forward to our future boat days, but till then....thank God for verizon to verizon:) XOXO

  2. Erin you bring tears to my eyes... good friends are the best blessing and when they can be family.. all I can say is WOW! When you write I feel that I am walking through the experience with you. You and Christy really have captured what a friendship truly looks like... walking through the highs and lows together ... openly asking questions about life... seeing each others strengths and encouraging each other... how wonderful!! I truely enjoyed the pictures too!! Keep writing and I look forward to seeing you this summer at the lake ALOT! Lov ya, Aunt Sue