Monday, June 6, 2011

Probably TMI; but this proud mommy can't help herself ;-)

Yes, William went poop on the potty and I am proud enough to shout it out on my blog. Although he can't walk to the potty or sit himself; if he eventually associates bowel movements with the potty there is equipment to help make it a possibility for him. As of right now; he does not communicate when he needs to "go" but there are always indications I pick up on as a mother. So, I thought, why not put him on the toilet so he will have minimal skin contact and discomfort. You may think what is the point of picking him up and putting him on the toilet; but I must say he was very proud of himself. Will this work long term? It is too early to tell... We do own a bath/potty chair that will position him but it is a little too bulky for our current bathroom. (The bathroom pictured is my mothers). In a few years though we hope to have a more handicap accessible home with a larger bathroom..... then maybe we will be rid of diapers (at least while he is at home :-)) I love this picture; with the light shining behind William and I ... even though I had just worked out... so don't zoom in too close :-O My mom snapped the shot after being completely shocked at seeing me rush to put Will on the potty!
In conclusion a side note about an associated but much more pleasant topic is William's eating accomplishments. Since going off the Ketogenic diet he has made some great progress with eating different textured whole foods. Chewing still takes a good deal of energy for him and he panics when he feels a larger chunk of food in his mouth; yet I have stopped pureeing most foods except meats!!! We are still working on self feeding as well and have a long way to go. As I write this I am feeding him tiny pastas (Acini de pepe) with very soft shreds of turkey, chunks of avocado and fork smashed black beans!! Hooray for whole foods!!!

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