Thursday, May 28, 2009


One day Grandma brought over a new present for the twins; a large red wagon that seats two! Ella was thrilled and wanted to go for rides the remainder of the afternoon. As usual I was torn  between excitement and sadness.  William would not be able to ride with his sister as he does not have great head control and can't sit on his own. 

A few weeks later we received a new bath chair for William in the mail with a nice head support piece. It was a beautiful Spring day and aunt Julie was over visiting.  We were all outside enjoying the sun and decided to bring out the new bath chair as a sort of lounge chair for Will. Julie and I soon discovered that the head support could also be attached to the back of the seat in the wagon! With the head support and a few home made side rolls William was finally able to ride in the new wagon with Ella. I was triumphant! I walked them up and down our street like a parade with a huge smile on my face. William seemed to enjoy the ride too and did a fantastic job holding up his head until we reached the end of our road then fell asleep! Triumph in the simple moments.

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  1. You are such an amazing momma, so caring and innovative! I would definitely agree this was a triumph.