Saturday, June 6, 2009


Remembering fun times with my cousin Christy and her boys this past winter. Christy and I were born three months apart and were close growing up. As a teen Christy lived in Coronado CA. Now she is in Iowa City where her husband is in medical school and she is raising two handsome boys Quint and Russell.  Christy will be staying with her parents on Canandiagua lake for a few months this summer with the boys.  I am excited to spend time with her lounging in the sun, chasing our toddlers, swimming, and maybe being rescued by her in the water. A little side story: Christy played and coached water polo in high school and college and is an excellent swimmer. Anyway, when she was six months pregnant with her first, Quint, she was staying with her parents by the lake and I would go to hang out and swim.  At one point we decided to swim out into the lake and Christy nearly had to rescue me being six months pregnant and still a great swimmer and myself very out of shape!!!!! This is the strong and assertive cousin who pulled me by my hair off my bike as a toddler.

So Christy introduced me to blogging and can be found at

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  1. We are so excited to spend fun time together this summer too! Just to clarify, Erin was no where near drowning...and I was an "aggressive child" I am so grateful Erin was still my friend after the hair pulling incident. Ahh, if we all be as forgiving as toddlers.
    Just a little side note about my cousin: Erin amazing momma of two beautiful twins, inner strength far stronger than most women I know, determined, advocate, reader, funny, and loyal. If you have the honor of calling Erin a friend you have been blessed, I know I have.