Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tough Decisions

In my community is the only state certified child care home for medically fragile children! All of William's terrific therapists go there to work with children. A few months back the Occupational therapist, whom I trust and respect, handed me a information folder and application. I told her I was not looking to have care outside the home and put the folder on my crowded bookshelf.  I trusted her judgment that is was a wonderful place but was just not ready yet.
Recently a friend of mine called to tell me of her wonderful experience leaving her son there one day a week so she can work and spend time with her older daughter.  She encouraged me to visit and I did not; I told her I was fine and I had the help of my mother.  
This month my mom has been working everyday and I have been without help more often.  My mom is terrific and she comes to help when I ask and schedule it with her in advance. So I began to think that it would be nice having more help and not having to relay solely on my mom. I called Daystar and scheduled  a visit. It was not at all what I had imagined or expected. The house was on a cozy little street in a quite neighborhood.  Inside the house was beautifully decorated and completely kid friendly. I was given a tour and met many friendly women who seemed very devoted to the children they serve. Many were certified nurses.  It was truly a unique place that I want to be part of.  Now the question is can I leave William there for one day a week without judging myself harshly? Usually the home has a waiting list but I was told that many children were graduating and I could pick any day of the week! I would love to have time to get errands done and time alone with Ella.  It would be wonderful for Ella to have mommy time but I am not sure if I can leave William for an entire day in someone else's care besides my moms? Now I have some tough decisions to make!!!


  1. Dear Erin,
    You are a thoughtful,caring mother!! I would like to suggest you look at this as an opportunity to gain insight from experience educators. It could also be good for William to experience other adults who have experience with special need children WHILE you have time to spend with Ella. You will return refreshed and probably feeling accomplished after getting some errands done too. AGAIN I want to stress what a wonderful mom you are!! Love, your Aunt Sue

  2. Hi Erin!
    I say go for it! I went through this same dilemma last year with Zane. Once I got over it he started having a nurse come into my house from 8-4 two days a week. While she's here I can leave and go to work, do things with my other children, or just run errands. Since she started almost a year ago I can't imagine her leaving me now. I just love it and her. No matter what it's up to you and if you can do it I say go for it. You'll love it!