Friday, October 30, 2009

Something Has Come Between Us

Sometimes I imagine myself many years down the road as an old woman alone in a houseful of books. My daughter will be grown and having adventures of her own, my son may still be living with me but my husband will have left me. Once he realizes the true love of my life this will surely be the case.

I think he already has an inkling that something has come between us. Yes, I admit when the children and my husband are nestled in their beds fast asleep I am with "the other love of my life." Who can blame me. When the day is done and I have wholly and completely given myself to my children, my home, and my husband who wouldn't crave a little adventure. Perhaps a little action, romance, laughter, and even a little murder mystery......

Yes, I love my husband. Yet, when he says to me, " Erin, come to bed" I find myself looking to that book thrown on the couch that I have abandoned for way to long....... and besides I know he will be asleep in less than ten minutes. So in the end I choose my books. Actually, I just had an idea while writing this little blurb. So here it is; I pretend to go to sleep with Wayne and as soon as he falls asleep I sneak out of bed and go to my books!!!! Then after a few precious hours of reading I will return to bed because lets face it even scandalous ladies such as myself need sleep ;-) Aha, its the perfect plan. Maybe now I can picture myself as an old woman in a cozy home with marvelous wall to wall bookshelves, a gas fireplace warmly glowing, a glass of whiskey in hand AND a handsome hubby rubbing my tired feet ;-)

* No I don't drink whiskey; but surely by old age I will. Its family tradition ;-) *


  1. How sweet! I too crave a good book often. Right now I am reading "The Time Travelers Wife". I haven't been able to put it down. :)

  2. Love this picture of your shelves! And you have a copy of Nightmare! I'm honored!