Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Three Main Mugs

I have so much on my mind of late. So many to do's, deadlines, registrations, and evaluations. Doctors appointments; pediatrician (to vaccinate or to not vaccinate), genetics (more blood draws), neurology (sleep study? Ketogenic diet or try a fourth seizure medicine?). So much to do, to decide, to discover and yet my thoughts dwell on people and relationships . People I love (I couldn't do this journey without you)..... people I hate... yes, a convicted sex predator was found riding his bike through a local park. SAY WHAT? A man convicted of abusing several children was let out of jail? Unbelievable. Good thing some fellow citizen watches America's Most Wanted. Anyway, I am often thinking of how I could be a better friend, a more loving wife, a better daughter, and a good mother. Life is an intricately woven (sometimes tangled) web of relationships. Which is what I live for... but today I need a break. A breath of air... a swig of coffee... a notebook... silence... alone. Just a brief slice of time where there is no expectations of me from anyone.
So today I'd rather type out a random little blurb about trusty inanimate objects that I have placed sentimental value on; silly really but true all the same. Meet my mugs... ;-p

My three trusty gals lined up (l-r).... my Grandfathers old mug for camping; it fits into the curve of my palm just right. In the center is the Kokopelli mug that feels rough and earthy; a gift from my mom when we visited Estes Park Colorado (a well traveled mug). Finally a hand-crafted mug found at an artist fair when Wayne was pursuing graduate work in Athens, Ohio. This mug has weight; surely I could knock someone out with its heftiness. Before moving back to Rochester; Wayne and I hunted around for some treasures that would always remind us of the unique college town of Athens where we spent our first two years of marriage. We found a few framed pictures of the Athens University and scenic Appalachia; the pictured mug, and a single glazed star patterned brick from a run down brick factory. The search for the prized brick incidentally ended with horrible poison ivy all over my body and eventually a steroid shot in the.... ahem.....bum... given by a very handsome male doctor. The brick now sits on our back porch and Wayne will never let me live that one down.
So now you've met my mugs and heard a random tale from my past. Tomorrow I must form the "to do" list and schedule some appointments. As for people..... I need to make my kiddos lunch; perhaps today calls for a picnic in the sunshine and some more coffee. Which mug should I choose? :-)

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