Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ready for Halloween

The twins are in their spider jammies and ready for Halloween. Tomorrow we will have a small party with family followed by trick or treating. I have all sorts of fun food concoctions for the kids and some yummy treats for the adults planned. We are all anticipating a festive day!!
A quick update; I did hear from the Ketogenic dietician at Strong hospital and I am now waiting to schedule a date for our week long hospital stay. The diet is closely monitored by a trained dietician and neurologist and could decrease seizures. If the diet works well for William we plan to wean him off one of his three seizure medications. Hopefully this will increase his alert time as well as help him to sleep better at night. If you would like to know more about this diet; here is a link....
I have my reservations as well as hopes. This diet is very intense; every calorie and gram has to be measured out and only certain foods can be consumed. Absolutely no carbs and mostly fats in creams and butter. Honestly the diet sounds outright disgusting. The fact that I am willing to subject my son to it speaks of my desperation to stop his daily seizing.
On a very personal note; the doctor recently confirmed that I have a lump in my breast. So I am starting my week with a mammogram at a local breast clinic. The doctor thinks it could be a simple cyst but considering that I have had it for awhile she wants to check it out. Of course I am not thrilled to be getting a mammo at 31 but better to be safe than sorry!!! Hopefully it is nothing but the whole thought of "worst care scenero" is topping off my cup of worries to overflowing.
Well, I always think better to be proactive. So November may be a busy month here in the Beyers house but I am hopeful that good things will come from being proactive. Positive changes!! In the meantime I am trying to push worries aside and celebrate a fun Holiday with my beautiful family! Happy Halloween!!!

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