Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A horse ride and a Furry Visitor

What a week its been for the Beyers family. We have been battling colds/coughs on and off but are still having quite the eventful time. This weekend William had his first horse ride thanks to Flower City Down Syndrome Network and Never Say Never Stables in Webster. I rode with William on a huge and beautiful horse. William was annoyed with the helmet that was falling into his face but very attentive and alert. After the ride he was awake until 10 at night!!! He was so alert! Amazing; I think I will look into riding more often with him. My little cowgirl Ella also enjoyed a few rides.

In addition to our adventure with horses we also have a furry visitor this week. Wayne's brother is in the hospital so we have temporarily adopted his puppy Sheba. She is having a wonderful time at our house. William loves to pet her and Ella has been playing fetch with her non-stop. Wheww this dog has energy! My cat is understandably terrified and slept with me all night long!! We are keeping the two separated... :-)

Wow, what a week its been!!

This hallway is our kitchen including the tiny eating area; it's looking a little more crowded now....
Ella showing off her belly to her new friend...
Someone is a little camera shy.... but thinks mommy needs to give her more food ;-)


  1. As if you don't have enough to do... you've taken in a dog temporarily... AMAZING.

  2. ha ha.. and I think I have fallen in love with her.... :-) Such a cute dog