Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Time to make gingerbread cookies; a Thanksgiving tradition
This child's apron was made by my Grandma; very special indeed

The "oh so yummy" ingredients for Pumpkin pies

On a hike.... my dad and Grandma in the background.

My mom was (and still is) amazing at making Holiday times special and fun when I was growing up with my three younger sisters. We made crafts, baked, decorated, and had so many fun times as a family. I remember every Thanksgiving she would give us a sheet of paper and a pencil and tell us to write down everything we were thankful for. Of course we used to grumble but now looking back I see a huge significance in her having us do that task year after year. I have had SO much to be thankful for in my life. Don't get me wrong; I love to eat and savor the rich flavors of a Thanksgiving feast shared with family. Yet I also think it's important to reflect on the year and how fortunate I really am in so many ways. I hope to pass the "thankful list" tradition on to my children.
For some quick updates; the twins, Wayne and I will be visiting an animal rescue center this weekend and adopting a new member to our family. Wayne's brother was in the hospital a few weeks ago and we took care of his dog Sheba. Long story short; we really miss having a four legged critter in our home. The owner of Joyful Rescues has been wonderful and is working with us to pick out the right dog for our family. Wayne has always wanted a dog and I can't even express how excited he is!!! Finally for his 35th Christmas he is getting the pet he always wanted :-)
Monday morning I returned to the Elizabeth Wende Breast clinic for some further duct testing and imaging. It was an interesting experience sitting in a waiting room clad in a tie front hospital gown. Of course the gown opens at just the right angle to expose my long chest scar. I can't help but to notice women staring like, " what the hell have you been through here".... of course my scar was for my heart and my breasts are unscarred..... at least for the moment. All the imaging showed the original papilloma and several more further into the ducts. Most likely these are benign inter-ductal papilloma's but since there are so many and apparently I am younger than the typical age range for doctor wants them to be removed and tested. The chances are low; but I can't help but to worry. I asked if they could do the surgery at the clinic but since several incisions will most likely be made; they referred me to another surgeon. I feel so fortunate and thankful for my good health so far and hopefully this will be a benign condition.
So as we draw closer to Thanksgiving I am counting my blessings even when jumping over some minor hurdles. Tomorrow will be spent with my amazing family.... good food, fellowship, and good health... I couldn't ask for more. I am thankful.


  1. It looks like Will is on the list of ingredients for the pumpkin pie. He is delicious!

  2. A scar for your heart? What's that all about? Sorry just being nosy. Praying for you... and glad that you are finding reasons to be thankful despite the challenges! Have a happy thanksgiving!

  3. Cindy, thanks :-) I think William is delicous
    Hi Liz....appreciate the prayers. I have a considerable scar from heart surgery when I was a kid..

  4. Erin, am so sorry to hear about extra worries for your health but happy to know that the tests are not revealing anything too serious. I will pray for your continued health. I think its awesome you guys will be adopting a dog!!! I love the pics of the kids and I may have to borrow your thankful list idea, I think thats a wonderful tradition!!!

  5. You and Wayne look hot together!