Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Playtime Positions for William

Last month William finally began seeing the physical therapist that I have been wanting for over a year. He loves her and often greets her with a "coo" and smile. This is a rare treat considering that he used to scream for his physical therapy sessions. Since having this new PT William has been able to try several different types of standers, floor sitters, and more fabulous equipment. She is the equipment queen and often buys pieces on her own to loan out to her children. Today we tried a child rite floor sitter which is like a huge Bumbo with a higher back. William is able to sit independently and work on head control while playing. I included pictures of William in this chair with a table and of William in the Leckey stander which we have on loan. Also shown are pictures of William using a Rifton corner chair and playing with sparkly beads during light box time. We use the light box nightly to strengthen his vision.

So when you have a vision for your child it is worth fighting for. It has been a long journey and difficult at times to get the therapist I really wanted for William. I wish we had known about her when we first started EI but I am grateful that William gets a whole year with her.


  1. Thanks for the pictures Erin! It really shows how Will can be in different positions with the various equipment. I am happy you and Will are pleased with the therapist. It sounds like she loves her job!!