Friday, July 24, 2009

Family Vacation

Here we are again for our yearly vacation to the Adirondack park in upstate New York.  My parents have made a tradition of renting a different cabin each year for family fun. This was our second year of the tradition. My parents, three sisters, their boyfriends, Wayne and I and twins all came this year!  The "cabin" was ten times nicer than my own house with a beautiful view over a little man made lake and endless pine forests in the Southern region of the park. Last year we rented a climbing lodge called Rock and River located in the high peaks region.  That was my parents first choice as they were and still are avid rock climbers. Although Wayne and I love the high peaks region it was nice to be by water this year. Ella loves to swim and William is even growing to like the water when warm enough. 
So sounds wonderful, right? All was well in the Adirondack paradise? Wrong! Although it was wonderful and relaxing for a few days my family soon learned that we can't spend an entire week in one cabin together. As you can imagine four sisters can be caddy and for their significant others to get along is nothing short of a miracle. But perhaps this is just my twist on the event and I may be jaded.  My emotional state has been stressed this summer and I have been more depressed than usual. I have been feeling apprehensive about leaving the twins and refused to leave them with Grandma for a few nights when Wayne wanted to go off hiking. I love being in nature and hiking just as much as my husband does so he could not understand my hesitation. Anyway, our marriage is now doing worse than ever and we ended up leaving the Adirondacks three days early.
Despite the tension I truly did have a nice time and the twins loved being with my family. Here are some pictures!!

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  1. Dearest Erin,
    I hear you!! Marriage is wonderful yet it is also something that has to
    be nurtured and when your mothering instinct is engaged you often feel pulled in different directions. Having children is a blessing but with that blessing comes trying times even in the best of circumstances. Your a loving, caring, organize and thoughtful mother!!! As for family always remember blood is thicker than water and as I know you have experienced they will pull through in the tough times. Trust me I do know it can be difficult at times but it is worth the effort.
    Lov ya Aunt Sue