Friday, July 10, 2009

Not so sexy...

Scene one: the "guilfoil' sisters are all in town and gathering for some beer and good times; with some men tagging along ;-p 

Erin B:  the babies are both napping and Wayne is arriving soon maybe I should actually try to look nice. 

Ame: say's nothing as she is kissy face with Kevin.

Julie: say's nothing as she is filing her nails.....blah blah blah

Erin B exits stage left and goes upstairs in her parents home to change into "something more comfortable" not quite a la " Blazing saddles" but perhaps with appropriate cleavage,  glitter and all that....

Scene two: Erin B is chasing around her daughter who has woken from her nap with extra spunk.....

Enter Erin P ( a friend of the family): wow great shirt Erin, just watch your boobs.

Erin B thinks....(why, are they going somewhere???)
Erin B says - oh my is it too low cut?

Erin P: Well it just looks like you have your boobs hanging out to breast feed!!!!!!! 

 Wow, Shot down....end of sexy mood and now I am really feeling old thanks Erin P!!

Pictures coming soon.....mwhahaha


  1. You totally crack me up! When are we getting together!?!