Saturday, July 18, 2009

William in his swing!

This Summer we were given a hand -me-down swing set which Wayne stained and repaired. The twins love it!! I am able to get more work done in the garden while they swing or play in the sandbox. William is also able to sit in the little tykes toddler swing some some adaptions. The swinging motion is great for his under-developed vestibular system. 

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  1. We have that same swing, and the twins still use it now at 25 months. (Actually, it's too hot to use it right now, but they do still fit in it.) I'm so glad William seems to like it! I love the pictures. Also, someone makes a larger, special-needs swing for the kids as they get larger--though it's pretty pricey (I want to say $200-$400). But I bet it would be worth it if he enjoys swinging like my twins do! or Thanks for posting this--good to see more pics of the kids! They are beautiful.